Mondays are set aside for quoting. Quoting is free. If you the client is at work, send me the details of the job and I will provide a written quote based on that information. Is it safe?

Your Checklist When Using a Tree Service…

  Was my telephone call answered or returned promptly?
  Were they courteous and helpful?
  Did they give me a prompt on-site estimate?
  Did they help me better understand my tree situation?
  Were they attentive to all of my concerns?
  Do they follow BS 3998 recommendations for tree work?
  Does their equipment condition show an attention to detail I want given to my property?

  Do they have the proper equipment and expertise?
  Do they carry sufficient public liability insurance and a current certificate to prove it?
  Are they NPTC qualified (National Proficiency Test Council)?
  Am I confident they’ll take every precaution to safeguard my property?

Fair Pricing:
  Will they demand any payment before completing the work to my satisfaction?
  Does their estimate seem reasonable?
  Do they try to sell me unnecessary work?
  Are their prices inflated after a storm?

Please do not be tempted to employ casual contractors who call at your house offering to do work on your tree. An apparent 'cheap job' may result in considerable expense at a later date.