Online Security

This has become a hot topic recently. Understandably people are concerned that if they share information online will it be safe? The Tree People Ltd take this matter very seriously and so have decided to use SSL to secure their website. This assures our valuable customers that any information they submit to us in a "Quote Request" is securely transmitted and stored on our webserver. It is our hope going forward that more customers will use this service which assists us in getting you a timely quotation for tree or fence work. Below, we've listed some other things you might want to keep in mind when using the web.

Keep operating systems and security software up to date

Ensure you are using the latest versions of your web browser and operating system. Install anti-virus software and anti-spyware.

Be wary when you are not using your own equipment

Take extra care when using public computers and only use wireless networks you trust and that are protected.

Be alert to "phishing" scams

These are efforts by cybercriminals to gain access to your private information or electronic files by sending you an email which looks like it came from a trusted source, usually asking you to click on a link embedded in the message. Do not click on links in suspicious emails.

Verify you are on a secure website

When you enter data or login to a website, check for the address bar for website validity. The green bar and padlock show this.